Unique Ways to Reward Your Loyal Customers

Always trying to listen to your customers, whether it’s about beers they want you to make or food truck suggestions for the taproom, is an important way to draw loyalty. When you can accommodate someone in that aspect it can mean a brand warrior that can bring in more sales from that person or people they are associated with.

“For our local crowd, we implemented The Creek Club at the beginning of 2023 as a way to reward our most loyal customers and create a little community of some of our biggest fans,” explained Kyle Park, Director of Sales & Marketing at Neshaminy Creek. “It’s a nice way to give back to these people that have spent a lot of their time and money with us over the years to make them feel like a bit of an insider.”

Creek Club members get discounts, merch, and will soon be invited to a members-only event where they’ll be able to get an exclusive beer.

Larami Sandlin, the co-owner of Dark Sky Brewing told Brewer they strive to curate a customer experience from the clean beer tap lines, to proper glassware, to community events and donations.

For Dark Sky, a mug club beer for those members can be as low as $2 pours.

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Stormcloud Brewing has two programs that Marketing Manager Amy Martin shared as ways to care for existing customers.

“The first is our Cloudspotter program, which is our full-fledged, paid for annual membership,” she said. “The second is our Snowcloud Society. We are located in an extremely summer seasonal town, so as a way to recognize our locals/regulars that help get us through the winter, we offer a free membership that comes with discounts — though lesser than our Cloudspotters.”

Stormcloud has a pretty extensive list of rewards for Cloudspotter members. 

To name a few of the rewards, Martin said they receive a free glass, a loyalty program where they earn points for their beer purchases, and discounts on beer, merch and food.

“In terms of more unique rewards my two favorites are the members-only monthly newsletters and our exclusive events,” she said. “In the monthly newsletter there are several sections, including a ‘sneak peek’ into what the brewers are up to, and a beer education segment — both of which we get a lot of positive feedback on.” 

In terms of events, some of Martin’s favorites for Stormcloud include a movie night in the brewery.

“We projected it on the brewery wall — people loved being among the tanks taking it all in,” she said. Other unique ideas include a guided birdwatching tour, a golf scramble, an Earth Day highway cleanup, and an ice cream and beer pairing.

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