What Info Does Your Brewery’s Website Need to Increase Quick Sales?

As consumers ​have become less and less likely to go out to a taproom, utilizing a brewery’s online ​presence to evaluate purchases before going to a store or ​to ​order ​from a brewery ​​or a third-party ​online​ channel​, ​breweries have been making sure to add​ even more​ educational​ pieces about ​each product on ​both main​ website​s​ and social media channel​s.​

​Migration Brewing is in the process of updating ​its website to include more information on each beer,​ said Brand Manager Avery Harris, while also ensuring ​the brewery’s Untappd beers are up to date.

​She also shared with Brewer that the incorporation of educational videos on ​each beer​ in the portfolio of Migration is in the works as well​.​

​”A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say,” added Urban Artifact‘s Bret Kollmann Baker, the brewery’s Director of Operations. “We’ve found this to be more true than anything we could possibly type up.

“Gone are the days of Greg Koch-esque typed monologues.”

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Bryce Gotuzzo, the Digital Marketing Manager for Garage Brewing said they are doing their best to ensure that consumers have access to all the information they need to evaluate the Temecula, California’s products.

On the “Our Beer” page consumers can find every single beer in the 2020 lineup, he explained.

“One simple click on the beer of your choice and you’ll be taken to an information page pertaining to that beer,” Gotuzzo said. “Within that information page, you’ll find a description of the beer, including: the flavor, aroma, balance, style of beer, seasonality, format (cans, draft, bottles), ABV, IBUs, etc.”

Additionally, consumers can find the entire 2020 product release calendar. Each beer is placed into three different categories: core brews, seasonal release, and limited release beers. Within each category, every beer has its own chart giving consumers the exact months it will be made available.

“Many times, we have been asked, ‘Are you going to make __ this year?’ or ‘When will __ be released?’ This updated 2020 Product Release Calendar will give you all the information you need to know about when you can expect your favorite Garage beers​,” he said.​

​Stoup Brewing has fun with its layout said Head Brewer and co-owner Brad Benson said.

“​Two of the ​three​ owners​ —​ also the two that brew​ —​ are scientists so we try to highlight the scientific processes behind our beers​,” he said​. ​”​For those that want to geek out, we have organized our beers into a ‘beeriodic table’ on our website but in general we really like to highlight the hops we are using — especially when we get to play with experimental varieties.

​”​And we also let people know what to expect in terms of ABV, IBUs, and color.​”​

Hi-Wire​ ​Creative Director Javier Bolea​ believes​ the biggest thing is uncovering the story of a beer and trying to tell that story throughout ​a digital footprint. ​So Hi-Wire looks to do that and pairs it with the beer’s look.

“​So it’s not just ​’​what beer style​’​ and ​’​what the beer tastes like​,'” but it’s why we were inspired to make this beer or what connection does it have to our community or local producers who make malt or other ingredients​,” he said.​

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