Developing Local Consumer Base Pushes Titletown to Top Again

For two years straight, Titletown Brewing is considered the best brewpub in the country. That distinction has been given to the Green Bay, Wisconsin brewery by USA Today’s Reader Choice Awards, which was voted on by an online vote across the country.

“Being in Green Bay, most people immediately think of our beloved football team, and we are that and much more,” explained Titletown Marketing Communications Manager Kelly Gusloff. “Our Downtown Green Bay district has significantly grown and become a desired place to live, eat, and play. We had many more people come through our doors in the past year who say ‘Wow, I never would’ve guessed how awesome Green Bay was!’ We also have so many people moving back to Green Bay, and we are so excited to be a part of the cool new vibe.”

Gusloff said the brewery was excited to be in the running again, and the employees and customers really got psyched when it made the initial cut once again from a panel of experts.

That’s when social media kicked in for Titletown by using all its venues (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and the brewery’s ‘Brewsletter’) to their full extent.

TitletownNight 800x300

“We found out that daily reminders can get annoying, so we strategically posted friendly reminders to vote, and it seemed to work,” Gusloff said. “It’s all about consistent messaging and utilizing all of your promotion options. Our city and state have been huge advocates for this contest, and it’s great to have a huge team of support.”

Titletown also printed lots of posters to be hung up around its campus of both the brewpub and production facility and taprooms. Gusloff was also busy with ‘tons’ of local media coverage.

Having the excitement of promoting the contest again was key as loyal customers also helped.

“A huge part of the people who voted for us have been our biggest fans since we came to be 20 years ago,” Gusloff said. “They’re excited to see us grow, and at the same time, not lose the same historic vibe and totally change as a company. Our fan base makes us who we are today.”

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