Tips for Growing Your Brewery Throughout 2018

In an increasingly crowded and competitive market, many mid-sized breweries are finding ways to succeed, differentiate and grow.

Brewer spoke with a few breweries about what they made their focus on to succeed and now you can see how it can help your brewery grow in 2018.


Vaughan Cutillo – Montauk Brewing: “The market is certainly growing, with a lot of small breweries popping up every day, however we are fortunate that we are Montauk (New York) locals, born and raised, so telling the Montauk story is natural. In fact, our first kegs were delivered behind a bicycle and keg trailer in 2012, by us. This authentic story, along with our basement brewing roots are keys to success for us. Identifying WHO you are is very important.”


Jordan Utz – Eel River Brewing: “Quality, Consistency is No 1. [But] keeping an eye on where the industry is moving – like canning. Maintaining a small batch specialty brewing program to introduce new beers. If we’re excited about it, we find that our customers are excited about it too.”


Justin Carson – Platform Brewing: “We are big with collaborations with not only breweries but Grocery stores Heinens and Whole Foods, Iron Chef Michael Symon’s BSpot, as well as T-SHIRT companies like Homage, CLE Clothing and GVart. We have seen that this helps relate to people in many different ways.”


Vaughan Cutillo – Montauk Brewing: “First of course is a focus on quality beer, without that you don’t really have much of a chance at surviving, let alone standing out.  We were once concerned about making payroll and keeping the lights on, we’re fortunate to have gotten through that and are now concerned with simply staying in stock.  Our fans are tremendously loyal and we are fortunate for that, we don’t want to run out of the beer they are demanding!”

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