Tips on How Digital Marketing Can Connect Breweries to Craft Drinkers

With nearly 60 percent of craft beer drinkers in the age range of 21 years old up to their late 30s, Millennials take up quite a chunk of advertising focus for craft breweries.

A lot of that focus lies in digital marketing and Ohio craft breweries recently were given some tips on engaging that market at the Ohio Craft Brewers Association annual meetings.

Jackie Meddles and Stephanie Cooper of Scripps Digital shared their insight to brewers’ on keys to make sure that breweries are doing their best to make online connections, not just through social media.

Digital advertising may have a national reach, but it can impact a local audience at the same time.

Having a website that is user-friendly and easily navigable via a mobile device was the first key.

The web site’s back end needs to be tracked as well. Connecting with an analytics program and making sure each page of a brewery’s website is tracked is a good way to start crunching numbers to see what parts of the website is being perused most often That can lead to an internal conversation on what is the best way to make those pages effective in the future toward getting consumers to visit a brewery’s taproom or buy it’s packaged products.

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A third top shared was to make sure that breweries are making top-placement in search engine results a top priority. Discovering key terms that have large search volumes for a breweries local and regional area can be important tracking devices in helping create SEO terms that can help drive traffic to a website.

The duo also shared four key elements to a successful digital marketing campaign.

If first included having the correct reach and making sure that the proper people were seeing the marketing piece, which for breweries would be craft beer millennial consumers. Having the message across multiple platforms can be helpful in increasing frequency as well to that a target consumer can remember what the message was once they leave the page as well.

Maximizing relevancy boosts conversions and being able to give a call to action was important as well. Something as easy as a clickable ad showcasing the latest offerings on the tap menu is enough to help drive traffic. Even picking the right time of day and geofencing help gather additional traffic at key times outside of the social media realms.

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