Tips On Building Your Brand Outside the Brewery

Known as a mainstay with a solid reputation in Houston for many years, Saint Arnold Brewing still wants to tell its story in other markets away from the home base in East Texas.

Matt Ludlow, the Sales Director for Saint Arnold says he tries to localize and connect with the consumers through support of the accounts with sales reps scattered through the region and help build brand loyalty to each community.

“Even away from our home market we participate in a lot of community events that gives us the feel of a local product,” he said. “We also have nationally recognized beers that we focus on quality that sets us apart.”

To keep the sales team on a steady course, it means constant communication.

Ludlow said they have weekly phone conferences on Monday and then one-on-one calls with all employees and their managers.

A chance to reconnect with the main hub at least quarterly for a sales meeting is also a key.

Other points that he and other managers shared were:

  • Do what you do best: “Too many breweries want to bring everything at once,” Ludlow said. “It doesn’t work. Building a brand doesn’t happen overnight. You have to stay the course and make good decisions and bring customers into your portfolio at the right time. If they have a bad experience you could lose them forever.”
  • Pick partners and representatives wisely: “Partner with a wholesaler that believes in your brand and as a passionate team to deliver your message,” said Two Roads Director of Sales Meghan Zachry. “When it comes to your own in-market representative, hold out for the candidate that meets your expectations. It is easy to make a decision based on time constraints, but it so much more worthwhile to hold out for an employee that fits your expectations and aligns with your company culture.”
  • Stay connected: “Connect with your distributor first then hit the concrete and meet owners and GMs,” added Will Lawrence, of Thomas Creek Brewing. “Understanding your individual distributor’s needs is the key to out of market/state success.”

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