Three Tips to Up Your Social Media Presence

This summer, Emily Hutto of RadCraft Beer, a craft beer co-op providing communications support for breweries, hosted the second annual #CraftSocialMedia conference virtually inviting brewers to listen in for some helpful tips and tricks to up their social media games and clean up their social media channels. RadCraft manages public relations, social media, content, marketing to a couple dozen breweries across the US. In the live conference, Hutto offered tips for brewers to make their social media pages stand out and gain followers and engagement.

  1. Verify Your Page.
    “It’s a very important thing to do if you haven’t done it already,” Hutto said. “It legitimizes that social media presence and basically shows the world that you and/or your brand are run by humans and that helps with algorithms specifically. It helps in searches for your brand or searches in general.”
  1. Copy should be accurate, direct, and in your brand’s voice.
    Hutto’s checklist included accuracy; posts should contain necessary information to follow the call to action, including links; character length: posts should be catered to the social media, for example, Twitter has a character limit for tweets; brand voice: posts should reflect your company’s personality and adhere to branding guidelines.
  1. Improve organic engagement organically
    Breweries can optimize the traffic on posts by scheduling them to run at specific times in the day when their followers are most active. You can see when your audience is online on Facebook by going to page > insights > posts and on Instagram by going to the top right menu > insights > audience.

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