Three Things to Include on Your Brewery’s Social Media Pages

As part of RadCraft’s Craft Social Media conference this summer, Emily Hutto talked a little about labeling your brewery correctly and why it’s important to do that.

“Information about your brand is super important,” Hutto said. “I think categorization of what your brand is on social, if you’re a brewery, a distillery, a maltster, maybe you’re a brewpub and you serve food, maybe you’re a marketing company specific to craft breweries. 

“Be as explicit as possible in identifying who you are across your social media channels.”

She went on to add that your Facebook About page should have this information, as well as your Twitter and your Instagram bios, because consistency and cohesion is important in a brand.

“Use the same logo across the board and generally the same information … try to integrate as much on your social media pages as you can like your tap list or your menu,” Hutto said.

Using a link shortener can be useful when adding a link to your Instagram page by cutting down on text in your bio. 

With Twitter’s limited characters, a link shortener helps so you don’t have to cut your informative content in lieu of characters in a link.

Adding ?src= to the end of a link followed by characters can distinguish the post. Hutto likes to use the date and the first letter of the channel it will be posted to to distinguish the post.

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