Three Pieces of Technology that Will Help Your Communication During COVID

In this summer’s Craft Social Media virtual workshop, Emily Hutto ran through several pieces of equipment that breweries she’s spoken with have deemed important to your brewery’s communication with consumers. 

“When polled … you really have definitions varying across the board of what technology was and how it can serve a craft brewery, a distillery, or a small barley business,” she said.

  1. Photo equipment: “Photo equipment was one of the biggest pieces of technology people mentioned of things that they need right now … all kinds of video and photo amplifiers and supplies and lenses and lighting equipment and beyond have really served breweries and distilleries and maltsters right now not only to showcase their products but just to get creative in general about content. A lot of people are home or in offices by themselves. They can’t get together and socialize and so those bits of photo equipment are coming in really handy for them as they have to get clever with creating new content.”
  2. Photo editing tools: “Photo editing tools are one of the things that I’m hearing my colleagues using a lot of right now. The Adobe Suite and any other photo editing software that you’re working with certainly applies to this conversation though it is a little bit abstract when we think about tech.”
  3. Apps: “We’ve been hearing that apps are saving their lives right now. Apps like TapHunter/Evergreen are really valuable for making the public know about your tap list or changes in your offerings and quickly. UnTapped is another one of those softwares that can be really helpful. There’s so much social media capability out there where you can connect an app to whatever the social program is that you want to utilize in conjunction.”

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