This Hop Combo Excites AleSmith in New WCIPA​

Out of its desire to make a light, easy-drinking modern ​West Coast IPA with a unique hop profile that ​AleSmith hadn’t seen before​, the San Diego brewery teamed with fellow locals Pizza Port to ​release the collab Beach Run back in February.

Beach Run was made to be packed with a unique blend of Enigma, Cashmere, and Sabro hops.

“Cashmere is the feature hop in this beer and is one of my favorite hops right now, but Sabro is the star,”​ said ​Ryan Crisp, Director of Brewery Operations​ for AleSmith. “Sabro can be a polarizing hop so we wanted to use it in a way and at an amount that would highlight its tangerine and coconut notes without it becoming overpowering or saturating.”

Crisp added that using new and different hops in classic styles gives brewers a way to combine the flavors of different ingredients to create new and unique beers​​. ​It’s a way to not have to reinvent the wheel.

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“I’ve really been enjoying Strata and El Dorado together, which we use in Party Tricks IPA​,” Crisp added. ​”​I get notes of dank passion fruit and pineapple when the two are combined. For a more classic combo, I’m a big fan of using Simcoe and Amarillo together.​”​

Pizza Port​’s Sean Farrell added​​ in a release that he was​ honored to be brewing ​the collab with AleSmith​.

​“Our two companies have been proudly carrying the IPA flag here in town for a while,​” said Pizza Port’s Director of Brewing Operations. “[I’m] excited how this clear, fruity IPA came out and even more pumped to share some pints with them​.​”

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