The Ways Saugatuck Upped Its Food Game

The West Coast of Michigan is like many beach and resort towns. Tourists flock to the area during the warm months to catch rays from the sun and the cool ocean-like breeze of the freshwater Lake Michigan. For Saugatuck Brewing, finding ways outside of its beer to woo in traffic is a major concern, and a revamped food menu along with pairing it with new offerings on tap and in package has been important to Alex Segovia.

Adding new canned products, like Vanilla Cafe Brown, and upping the menu options is what has driven the new General Manager for the pub.

“We’ve had good beer forever. That’s the greatest thing​,” he told Brewer during a recent visit to the Douglas, Michigan taproom courtesy of Experience Grand Rapids. ​”​Our food’s been very mid-grade.

​”​This is a big step up, I think. And so hopefully, it will draw more people in.”​

​Saugatuck still ​has burgers and ​its ilk.

​”​It’s a pub, so we still have pub food but we just kind of elevated the food a little bit better​ on ​the menu,” he said, touting a new chicken shawarma. ​”We didn’t have a chicken sandwich on the menu​ before.

​Additions like falafel​ naan, a completely vegan dish, ​were important after changing over some kitchen​ staff this past spring.​

The hope that springs from that fall is a rejuvenated menu meant to entice more consumers to try more than just the beers. Saugatuck likes to take classic styles and create twists to them, including its mainstay Neapolitan Milk Stout and a slightly smokey Bonfire Brown Ale.

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