The Information Consumers Need On Your Packaging to Boost Sales

​A lot of consumers now may take fewer moments to purchase new beer, — especially in off-premise situations — and brewery’s need to be able to quick those ‘quick-look‘ buyers as much info as possible at a glance. Yes, amazing art is eye-catching, but information on a package helps make decisions and purchases.

​Hi-Wire Brewing recently added a hop, malt, and color scale to its core items.

“Our customers know exactly what to expect when they pick up a Hi-Wire beer,” explained Creative Director Javier Bolea. “In general, our goal is to tell the consumers what the key features of a beer are without them having to do too much digging.

“There are a lot of choices for beer drinkers so the thought process for us is how do we get customers everything they need to make an informed decision in a clear, simple, and creative manner.”

All of ​Migration Brewing‘s packaged beers have three adjectives on the side of the label that helps describe the beer​ explained Brand Manager Avery Harris​.

​”​This is something we’ve done for a long time, but we find it is the easiest way to communicate the beer profile to customers quickly in a store, where we cannot have a full description listed​,” she said​.

For Garage Brewing, it places the utmost importance in dating all cans and bottles with a Best-By date.

“We have personally seen beer on store shelves that are 1-2 years old,” said Digital Marketing Manager Bryce Gotuzzo. “In our opinion, that is unacceptable, as that is not good beer unless it’s barrel-aged. As part of our mission to serve the consumer with the freshest craft beer, we provide the consumer with the date to make sure you receive it in pristine condition. Depending on the style, typically our beer is dated with a three to six-month lifespan.

“This Best-By date is very important to us, as it ensures that we are providing [consumers] with the highest quality beer possible.”

Before this year, Stoup Brewing was primarily draft so packaging is a whole new world for the Seattle facility.

“We are working on more consistent branding at this time and will always try to include a description on the labels,” said co-owner and head brewer Brad Benson. “People are drawn to fun art but do like to have a sense of what is inside the can if the style doesn’t clearly convey that.

“Obviously branding needs to be clear so the consumer can easily recognize us.​”​

Hi-Wire also found a way to simplify things even more.

“A great example of this is our Hazy Juicy Hoppy Fresh IPA,” Bolea said. “Everything you could ever want to know about that beer is in the name.”

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