5 Things to Expect From Your Point of Sale

The labor shortage is real, and when you want the best for your staff, and your guest experience, you need the right tools to set you up for success.  Your Point of Sales is at the heart of your on-premise operations.  Take a minute to be sure you’re getting everything you need it. 

Consider the fit of your current POS with these questions:

  • When you have a problem, can you get quick and reliable help from your POS’ support team?
  • Are your front-of-house tools integrated with each other and easy to manage?
  • Are you able to add terminals, handhelds, employees, and features (loyalty program, online ordering, etc.) without added fees?

Here are 5 things to expect from your Point of Sale: 

1. All-in-One

On-premise food and beverage service, online ordering, a loyalty program, and contactless ordering and payment integrated in one system makes it easy for your guests to get their hands on your product. And it makes managing your inventory and data SO SIMPLE! 

Checking, updating, cross-checking, and exporting data from multiple systems is error-prone and an energy suck. Take time back in your day to get ahead, track trends, and make proactive decisions (or enjoy a much deserved break and drink a beer).

2. Flexibility

Agility is essential in any busy restaurant or taproom. A Saturday in July is far different from a Tuesday in February, with far different demands on you and your staff (and the same can be said for 2021 versus 2020).

A mobile, flexible POS gives your staff the opportunity to flex through roles and service models, meet guests where they are, and bust lines and wait times.

3. Online Ordering and QR Codes

Brought to us by 2020, the now widely adopted QR code menus, ordering and payment trends are here to stay, so lean in and make sure your POS is keeping up with guest expectations. 

Online ordering isn’t going away anytime soon, either. With an integrated online ordering platform, you can make it easy for your fans to grab swag, food and drink for to-go, curbside or delivery with a fully-integrated online store. Your POS should make that easy for you.

4. Pricing

The right pricing model should be designed with your success in mind, ensuring all tools are available whenever you need them at no extra cost. If you have the right POS partner, monthly fees and long-term contracts won’t get in the way of ensuring you have the right tools on board for your business. 

Find a POS with predictable pricing — and look for references who will validate that the pricing is, indeed, predictable.

5. A Partner to Grow With You

Fast and reliable support services are essential for keeping your business (and brews) flowing without interruption — that support should never be a hassle and should never incur added cost. You also need a partner who will flex and grow with you, actively building new features and products based on your needs. 

Excellent support will know you because they are you — they’ve built a career in the service industry and will make sure a) your problem gets resolved b) you’re set up for future success and c) you hang up with a smile on your face.

There are many decisions you make when optimizing your taproom or brewpub and POS should be at the top of your list. Learn more about why hundreds of taprooms across the country rely on Arryved as their Point of Service partner.

Photo of Raices Brewing Company by Eddie Clark Media

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