Insights into Increasing Diversity Hiring Practices

In your daily process of hiring, are you just receiving resumes over your bar or are you going out and looking to increase your brewery’s diversity of applicants?

That was a question posed by Urban Roots Brewing owner Rob Archie recently during a panel on diversity, equity, and inclusion at the California Craft Beer Summit.

“Are you going out to strategically hire people and enlighten people with what you’re doing to bring people in,” he asked. “How is it a conscious effort to make sure that you’re creating an equitable place and a hospitable place where people just feel comfortable.”

A thought process of how you can incorporate more DEI within your business through hiring, pointed out Lynn Weaver of Three Weavers Brewing is to take on inexperienced people who really want to get into the industry.

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“It might be black, brown — whatever color at the end of the day — and you start them at the beginning and work them up and teach them and give them that opportunity,” she said. “Yes, it may take a little more time. But you know what? They will be loyal to you because you’re giving them the opportunity. From the tasting room, the bar back … whatever, bring in somebody who doesn’t have any experience, and invest time, energy, and money into them. Give them the opportunity, give him that leg up.

“Because if you just go out and try to hire somebody, you’re not going to find who you’re looking for ultimately.”

Making sure you’re making decisions based off of equality, and not just convenience and not just profitability is a key, Archie said.

“It’s not an answer. It’s your daily habits, it’s your daily routines, how you guys run your businesses,” he said, adding that Urban Roots works off a set of values, that dictate how business is conducted.

“The values are the boss, I’m not the boss,” he said. “When people come to me with problems, I’m just going straight to how does this apply to our values. And that’s what’s gonna make the decision.”

Photo courtesy Three Weavers Brewing

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