The Info Consumers Need on Your Taproom Menu

A name, the style of the beer, and an ABV are a good start, but having a more knowledgeable consumer base and so many taps available at your brewery’s taproom means knowing what is needed to help entice a sale.

Mother Road also likes to list IBUs, explained Dylan Prater, the Flagstaff, Arizona’s Taproom Manager.

“We don’t post the hop profiles, but we train our crew to be knowledgeable if a guest asks,” he added. “We do like to post flavor profiles and tasting notes in the descriptions of our brews.”

Making sure people have a good idea of what to expect before they order is important to Wild Heaven Beer‘s Sarah Young.

“We do offer small samples of all beers to new customers, though,” the brewery’s Executive Vice President told Brewer. “Being a brewery with a huge variety of traditional and experimental styles, we believe it is important that customers get paired with the right beer every time.”

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Young added that having approachable, easy-to-digest tasting notes is important.

Taproom managers for Dust Bowl use the Untappd menu ​to add updates in real-time from a laptop in the taproom.

“Once all the beers are loaded in the system, it’s quite efficient,” explained Michelle Peterson, Marketing and Public Relations Manager. “Because it generates the digital beer menus in the taprooms, it’s not a task that gets overlooked.”

Dust Bowl utilizes Untappd’s business account to create a tap list menu for each of the brewery’s taproom locations

“The Untappd menu also ties into our website for each taproom location, letting guests know exactly what we have on tap in real-time,” Peterson said. The brewery also can update its online crowler and growler menu, so consumers only have access to order beer to-go from the available tap list unique to each location.

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