​The Importance Reuben’s Brews Puts Behind Online​ Showcase of Brands

When Reuben’s Brews launched a brand refresh in September, 2019, Marketing Manager Matt Lutton said a major component the Seattle brewery wanted from the very start was to build out a very functional and attractive website. 

“We want ReubensBrews.com to be the first stop for folks looking for information about our tasting rooms and beers, and we are getting there,” Lutton told Brewer. “With the number of beers we release on draft and in package — 180 total, and 110 in package — we need a place to centralize all of the information about each one, both for the public, but also our own team and distribution partners.”

So Reuben’s Brews got to work on the refresh and website together by partnering with design firm, Top Hat, to create an eye-catching design for both the packaging and translate that to the screen. That meant getting info on the page while not overloading the consumer. Each brand has a quick hits page that includes a shot of the package along with tasting notes, its availability, the malt and hop profile along with ABV and IBU.

The design was catchy enough to garner the top spot in the inaugural “Crushie Awards” put together by the Craft Beer Marketing Awards judges for website design and beer showcase.

The CBMAs was founded in 2019 with the 2020 awards announced last summer. It features more than 30 categories that celebrate the very best of beer marketing and the teams and individuals behind them.​ ​

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Aaron Easler, ​the Creative Director for ​Top Hat, was honored along with the brewery.​

​”​Top Hat was an awesome partner in this process,​” Lutton said,​” and they were the same folks we were working with top to bottom on the refresh process. 

​”​We had the vision for the functionality that we wanted but Top Hat came in with genius ideas on execution (and, not to forget, an awesome looking design.)​”​

Another big focus ​for the website, Lutton pointed out, was to have a prominent online tap list that was easily maintained by ​the taproom ​staff, that also links to more information about each beer.

​”​There is a lot of cross-functionality on our site where you can get to important information from a number of ways​,” Lutton said, saying that there is a virtual beer calendar, a beer finder, the online tap​ ​list, and more that all links to one another to help ​a consumer get the info ​they need.

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