The Growing Collaboration Conshohocken Looks to Build with Area Businesses

What started as a one-off branding blast has become a community collaboration, including the latest release from Conshohocken Brewing. The Philadelphia-area brewery has had a lot of opportunities to collaborate with local celebrities, food purveyors, local businesses, and such, said Brand Director Will Livingston, all of which have been very unique experiences.

“Each time we work with a partner who isn’t in the brewing industry it’s an opportunity for us to take a fresh look at what we do and approach it from a consumer perspective,” he said. “We love making beers for people who can tell you the alpha acid levels in Idaho 7, and we equally love making beers for people who just want something that is easy to drink at their barbecue.”

Livingston said they have always felt that craft beer is less about what’s in the can and more about who you’re sharing it with, so focusing collaborations around community partnerships and shared experiences has been very rewarding.

So with that, Asher’s Chocolate Co. and Conshohocken announced the launch of a limited-edition Chocolate Peanut Butter Autumn Ale.  

Asher’s originally reached out to Conshohocken about doing a collaboration beer, but it has since gone from a single collab to multiple collab beers and a seasonal beer garden at their chocolate factory.

“It’s really grown quickly into an amazing partnership,” Livingston said.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Autumn Ale came about because they determined it would be a tad boring to go to the traditional route of a Stout to partner the peanut butter and chocolate.

Instead, they were looking to make something a little lighter than what you’d typically expect, which led first to a Brown Ale. The original concept included a chocolate-covered pretzel variant of Conshohocken WBC award-winning Puddlers Row English Ale as well.

“We had a bit of a eureka moment that the balance found in our Pumpkin Ale was ultimately our goal and after a bit of work this Autumn ale was born,” Livingston said.

Made with Asher’s chocolate and peanuts, along with pumpkin, vanilla, and a touch of lactose, this beer presents a robust and distinctive taste, boasting an ABV of 6.5%.

“We didn’t want to just add some chocolate to our pumpkin brew, where’s the fun in that,” Livingston said. “We’re also really into developing flavors and the team at Ashers has so many fun chocolate combinations that it sparked some interest on our end to have some fun and really layer the different flavor profiles of chocolate.”

There are some hot-side cocoa powder in the brew as well as a couple cold-side additions of various types of Asher’s Chocolate.

In the spirit of community commitment, a portion of the proceeds from this limited-release collaboration beer will also benefit pediatric cancer research.  

“What truly makes this collaboration special is our ability to innovatively come together and contribute to our community in a meaningful way,” added Chester Asher, the Marketing Director for Asher’s, in a press release.

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