Should Your Taproom Have Printed Glassware?

Glassware can be a great marketing renforcement. It can display your logo, your branding and your brewery’s creativity, if need be.

But that costs money and if consumers feel the need, walking away with those assets can be attempted, especially if those printed glasses are being used in your taproom.

A way to combat that is to train servers to monitor glassware in the taproom, or just use plain glassware.

Penn Brewery‘s Gene Mangrum, the brewery’s restaurant General Manager said they don’t use printed glassware for the possibility of theft, which would drive up additional costs.

“We do sell [printed glassware] as part of our retail menu,” he said, noting that the brewery uses beer-style specific vessels instead. “It would be a substantial initial investment to go to logo glassware as well.”

Jillian Swope, the General Manager of the Ale Asylum tasting room said that although they do use logos on their glassware, she estimated they only lose about $100 in glassware in a year.

“We combat theft of our logo products by limiting the number of exits from the tasting room and training our staff to keep a close eye on the exit as well as the people walking through it,” she said. “We also offer our printed glassware for purchase at very reasonable prices.”

Swope accounts for the fact that some glassware will get stolen, or more frequently broken, by continually comparing the pricing of different vendors to ensure that they are not spending unnecessarily on printed glassware.

Since Rahr & Sons doesn’t have a taproom, entry to they brewery includes the glass for the patron to take home at a event. They use the printed glasses as a way to spur sales to events.

“Our glasses are often the reason that our attendance increases during certain events,” explained Social Media Manager Alyssa Redd “For instance our 4-20, Start Wars, Halloween, and many others drive a lot of attendance for us.

“We try to come out with at least a couple new ones each month to get people excited and out to the brewery.”

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