Important Topics to Gain Media Attention

It used to be said that any coverage is good coverage. But with a 24-hour news cycle and the ability for everyone to have their opinion broadcasted via social media, that’s not so much the case. So what should a brewery promote outside of social media channels?

Establishing rapport with local, regional and even national beer media can help tell your brewery’s story. (Read more: How Can Media Help Tell Your Brewery’s Story)

Many breweries look for coverage that exemplifies the strides made as a company such as brand refreshes, eco-friendly brewery additions, and expansions to a brew house.

“Each of these specific examples warrants coverage because they affect our consumer,” explained Figueroa Mountain Brewing’s Laura Moore. “We inform customers that our packages have changed so they’ll be able to find us on the shelf at their local supermarket, and can celebrate the refresh with us.

“Green brewery additions allow us to lower our overall impact, which is important not only to us, but to the community. Expanding our brewhouse means that we can expand distribution throughout California, Arizona, and new territories, as well as make our brand more prevalent in areas we already reach. Some of our customers have moved out of the area, or don’t live within our current distribution territories but have visited one of our breweries, become life-long fans, and are eagerly awaiting distribution to reach them.”

Giotto Troia of Normal, Illinois’ Destihl Brewery likes to create press releases for all of the big news stories, including new beers, packaging redesign, and new distribution.

“These are things that people around the country get really excited for,” he said “We then submit those press releases to industry media outlets. We also have a list of carefully cultivated email addresses that we send news to. We also use that list to gauge interest in sending out samples to podcasters, magazines, newspapers and TV for review.”

Steve Miller is the prime contact for digital marketing and social media and typically responds to all press inquiries directly for Anderson Valley Brewing. However, Fal Allen, the company’s brewmaster, is usually the “face” of the brewery when it comes to interviews.

“He is very personable and has a wealth of knowledge and over three decades of experience within the brewing industry,” Miller explained.

Moore added that the brewery is family owned and operated.

“We want to remind customers of that when they’re choosing a craft brewery to visit, or a 6-pack off the shelf,” she said. “Thus, we involve our owners in as much contact with the media and public as possible.”

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