Why These Strategies Switched During the Pandemic May Stay for Future Success

This pandemic has altered business plans of all models, but on-premise and in-house sales have been a major dramatic shift. The loss of pint sales, where margins can be the best and be the financial lifeblood of many breweries, have meant finding new ways to sell products. Mobile canning is up while an increase in crowler and growlers is apparent as well.

​For a brewery like ​Boomtown​, canning a lot of brands wasn’t in the original plan. Creating taproom exclusives was a norm and now those beers are seeing new life as canned products out in the marketplace in a variety of packaging options as Boomtown utilizes 12, 16 and 19.2 ounce canning models.​

“We feel this gives us greater flexibility in serving our customers the wide and varied styles of beers they are used to seeing in the taproom,” said Ben Turkel, ​Boomtown’s ​Production & Brewery Manager.

​”It’s actually very exciting in a sense, because beers we might never have considered canning​ ​now get a change to become 12oz, 16oz, or 19.2oz beauties.​”​

​The look of a tasting room may be altered a lot in the near future. ​

For the safety of ​its customers and employees, Pennings Cider made the decision to remove all inside seating and only allow outdoor seating​.​

​The Warwick, New York cidery started doing scheduled cider tastings for private groups in the space instead, hosting groups of eight while also creating a bottle shop for to-go orders.

“We have always wanted to have private tastings and are really excited with the experience we are now able to offer to customers,” they told Brewer. “We definitely see this change sticking and growing from here.”

Having the ability to create a more intimate and direct consumer contact while staying distant could be successful for many smaller breweries, helping create a price point that makes sense for both the consumer and the brewery or cidery while also helping with a profitable margin in the sale of the liquid.

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