Strategies to Find Your Next Head Brewer

Transitioning to a new head brewer can be tough work. Finding someone to fit the profile of the job along with meshing with the current culture and brand image is more than just a plug-and-play option.

“We contacted people in our own network, but primarily we used ProBrewer,” said Caboose Brewing marketing manager, Courtney Beazell. “It’s a great asset for the industry.  We were able to get a lot of stellar candidates.”

The Caboose hiring staff asked questions regarding recipes, production, packaging, safety and lab tests.

“As far as a cultural fit, that’s always a bit hard to gauge,” Beazell said. “The important thing is to talk to candidates about their philosophies, interests, likes and dislikes, and ultimately where they want to take their brewing career. It’s important both parties feel the move is a great fit.

“It is always inspiring any time you get to speak with people in the industry. There’s so much passion and excitement out there.”

It takes time but the Virginia brewery did its due diligence while recently hiring Justin Weems as their new head brewer. Weems had been working at Caboose already, but had to compete for the job against many others.

“Even though we hired from within we were still able to connect with so many talented and passionate people that we can contact in the future as we grow,” Beazell pointed out. “We were impressed by many of the brewers we spoke with, but after all the interviews we knew it was the right call to move Justin into the position.

“He is a talented brewer who is passionate about brewing and loves the Caboose brand. We strongly believe in providing opportunity within the company. We want our team to grow right along with our brand.”

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