Planning Brewing Schedules Post Competition

After two straight years of not winning medals at GABF after opening in 2015, one brewery finally hit the mark and snagged three at once. 

In October, Westbound & Down Brewing Company won Mid-Size Brewery of the Year at GABF, and it was awarded two medals for its beer. Double Barrel Louie and Westbound Double IPA both received medals in the Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer and Imperial India Pale Ale categories, respectively.

“We find that most competitions of this sort, whether GABF or World Beer Cup, are incredibly competitive,” said Phil Joyce, Head of Experimental Projects at Westbound & Down. “All of the beers that make it to the final tables are exceptional examples of the style so the smallest details really matter.”

Patrons who visit Westbound & Down can now see the award logos on the menu in the taproom in Idaho Springs, Colorado. The medals and Mid-Size Brewpub trophy are on display as well. Press releases and news outlets tell Westbound & Down’s story have done the rest of the work.

“We imagine a more set-in-stone marketing strategy in the future, but for right now, we’re just continuing to focus on the quality of beer, food and service in the brewpub,” Joyce said.

After witnessing a spike in sales of Westbound Double IPA, the brewery has responded accordingly by making more of it.

“We pride ourselves on making sure that all of our beer is as fresh as can be so we slow and ramp production of different styles with our seasonal sales fluctuations to ensure that freshness and quality comes first — always,” Joyce said. 

“As far as the Double IPA goes, we were a little short handed on quantity post-GABF as it’s mud season in the mountains (Colorado’s off-season between summer activities ceasing and ski resorts opening) so traffic to the brewpub inherently is slower and thus we keep less inventory on hand to meet the lower traffic.”

Hence, Double IPA was moved up in the production schedule to meet demand and to be the first beer brewed after GABF.

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