How Social Media Can Establish Consumer Understanding

Lewiston, Maine’s Baxter Brewing loves seeing what its consumers are doing, especially with a Baxter beer in tow. That spawned a new campaign that recently launched with #HowDoYouBaxter.

“It helps us connect to them better; have a greater understand where and how our beer is being enjoyed,” said Baxter Marketing Manager Adrienne Nichols. “It’s a creative way for us to explore consumer engagement in ways we haven’t before.”

Beginning with a video sent in February through a newsletter to subscribers, Baxter help kickstart the campaign to gain insight into its fans.

The brewery’s plan was to introduce an internal campaign inviting its consumers to see into the life of Baxter brewers and other employees.

“We, as humans, dig seeing what others are up to,” Nichols said. “If we feel more connected to them and them to us, we feel that will greatly impact our brand loyalty.”

Nichols added that knowing such info can help in future marketing projects or even potential choices on packaging or styles of beer the brewery could make.

“We certainly expect to start seeing some trends which will point us in the right direction,” she said.

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One of the brewery’s biggest points of pride, the brewery newsletter said, has always been seeing all the ways in which its friends and fans enjoy the beer. The newsletter stated that the brewery has received fan-submitted photographs and anecdotes of cans of Baxter being enjoyed while mowing the lawn; summiting Kilimanjaro; right after an epic snow blow; on the chairlift at Sugarloaf; the back nine of any number of disc golf courses; a shower to start off Sunday Funday; and everything in between.

“We all get so pumped at the brewery to see our fan’s pictures,” Nichols said. “It allows us to relate to our consumers and understand how people enjoy our beer. We decided to dig a little further and create a campaign about it that is catchy, inviting, interactive, and allows us to do some really sweet contests that you’ll see in the coming months.”

Campaign video below:

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