Sly Clyde announces newest Cidermaker Reserve Series Cider, WINESAP

“I love the aroma of bright ripe apples from this historic cider apple. WINESAP has great structure and body,” said Head Cidermaker Patrick Smith, noting how the apples’ tannins gave Sly Clyde a solid foundation for crafting its next delicious cider.

“WINESAP has been a popular apple for use in ciders since colonial times. It has a smooth taste with a slightly tannic structure because we “fresh-pressed” the apples before slowly fermenting them in the Cider House way back in Fall, 2018. This 9-month process has been a labor of love to create WINESAP,” said Patrick (6.0% ABV level)

“People are digging our new releases like Brakelight Ride, Lime of the Ancient Mariner, and our reformatted SurfHopper crafted from Mandarina Bavaria Hops,” noted Doug Smith, who opened Sly Clyde last year with his brother, Tim. “And the new WINESAP really demonstrates how flexible our cidermaking team has become since we opened last August. We’ve won lots of awards over the last year and we wonder if WINESAP isn’t our next medalist.”

Because of limited quantities, Sly Clyde will only be serving Pints and as part of Flights. (No Kegs, No Growlers)

Clyde Club Members get access on Wednesday, August 14 starting at 4 p.m.

The general public release begins Thursday, August 15 at 4 p.m.

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