Starcut Ciders & Beaches Hard Seltzer Now Distributed in Philadelphia

Starcut Ciders and Beaches Hard Seltzer, two separate divisions of Short’s Brewing Company, are now available in Philadelphia for purchase. Distributed by 31st and Wharton, Pennsylvania will be the eighth state to receive shipments of these Northern Michigan brands.

Starcut Cider was originally introduced at Short’s pub in late 2014. Starcut Ciders was born out of a passion to create high quality and innovative hard cider that focused on the flavor produced by real ingredients. It is brewed with apples from their home state without backsweetening, so any sweetness comes directly from the apples. Short’s began distribution of this new division in 2015.

Beaches Hard Seltzer was introduced in October of 2019. The brewery approached making hard seltzer with a focus on manipulating ingredients and the process, producing something unique that pushes the flavors and boundaries of the category.

Starcut Ciders will begin distribution with three flagship varieties; Octorock, a semi-sweet hard cider, Pulsar, a dry hard cider, and Mosa, a mimosa inspired cider. Beaches Hard Seltzer will begin distribution with its flagship flavor, Tropical, and then a cocktail-inspired variety pack in March.

31st and Wharton is a boutique, high-end craft wholesaler based in Philadelphia serving southeastern PA with the finest in artisanal beers, ciders, and meads.  They operate with the spirit of their ancestors, who challenged the giants of the Philly beer business from the corner of Wharton and 31st, and looked good doing it. Starting in 1933, they introduced high-end beer to the city, with Rolling Rock pony bottles and Heineken by the pallet.

According to Pauline Knighton-Prueter, CSO at Short’s, “Four years ago we launched Starcut Cider in Philadelphia and learned a lot from our initial launch. We are now ready to return with a solid plan developed with 31st and Wharton that ensures our products will get into the hands of avid craft hard cider and seltzer drinkers all across the city! We value their approach and know our products are in good hands.”

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