Ska Fabricating Debuts the Half Pint OD Mobile Depalletizer

In their never-ending drive to pioneer the industry’s leading packaging line solutions, Ska Fabricating is proud to announce the new and improved “Half Pint OD” mobile depalletizer.

The OD (Orbital Discharge) features the same lightweight, low-footprint spirit of the original Half Pint with a new patent-pending rotary table design. This machine’s 30-inch wheel is the first of its kind, allowing for more accumulation, higher line speeds, a smaller footprint, and a better drop angle for the rinse cage. The wheel can run clockwise or counter-clockwise, making it possible to install two discharges for different container sizes with little to no changeover.

Small, challenging spaces are no problem for the OD, with removable gates that allow for over 180 degrees of flexibility for discharge and rinse cage placement. It still comes on wheels and can be easily moved in and out of the canning line area. And the noisy vibrator is gone, so this machine is essentially silent.

“The Half Pint OD is a breakthrough design when your situation calls for a fully automated solution that fits in a small space. The higher discharge height and much smaller footprint adds a huge amount of options.” says Jim Mackay, CEO of Ska Fabricating.

The product has been tested and proven under working conditions, and the innovative design was driven by customer feedback Ska Fab’s commitment to engineering solutions for packaging line automation.It is available for order and shipping as of October 29, 2019.

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