Ska Accepts Bad Hop Deal with Double IPA

When life hands you hops, make a fruity, juicy, hop-bursting double IPA. This is exactly what Ska Brewing did with a surplus of perfectly good Galaxy hops that the brewery ordered this year. The plethora of product was destiny for the brand’s latest year-round offering: Bad Hop Contract Double IPA (a.k.a. BHC DIPA).

As Westword’s Jonathan Shikes uncovered in his early discovery of this beer, the BHC DIPA will boast an 8 percent ABV and “lots and lots of Galaxy and El Dorado hops” when it hits shelves in six-packs on Oct. 1.

The humor continues as he talks about the BHC DIPA label, describing a skeleton hand signing off on the hops contract.

“In Ska Brewing’s legend and lore, which includes a variety of comic book-like stories, characters and artwork, the hand belongs to Pinstripe, a villain, the Chief of Conglomeration, who is to blame for anything bad that happens to the brewery,” said Shikes.

When sipping BHC, tropical aromas, compliments of the Galaxy hops, will pull you in and give way to a sweet stone fruit flavor. The juicy sweetness is followed by an enjoyable bitterness.

“The hops are the star of this beer, thank God,” says Ska CEO Dave Thibodeau. “Just a few years ago there was a hop shortage and prices skyrocketed, and as is our M.O., we signed a bunch of bad hop contracts–maybe our next beer can use up some excess CTZ’s!”

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