Recalls Turn Focus to Quality Over Sales

Props to Hangar 24 Brewing for once again showing that quality and consistency trumps the sale of a six pack.

This week, the brewery released a statement to its consumers that they were issuing a recall to a month-worth brewing of its Betty IPA in cans and bottles because it did not meet their standards of quality.

“Following a recent routine staff tasting, done regularly to maintain our high quality-control standards, it was discovered that a limited amount of Betty IPA in bottles and cans did not meet our desired flavor profiles,” the brewery said. “Kegs of Betty IPA do not show any flavor-profile discrepancy. It is vital to note that these off flavors do not pose a health risk of any kind.”

Described as a sour flavor sometimes desired in other styles, they have never been associated with Betty IPA.

“There was no evidence of a flavor discrepancy during testing before this product was released to market,” they said. “Please know that we have multiplied our efforts to make sure off flavors of any kind remain in check. We have taken action to locate the exact source of the challenge in question and we are confident that it has been rectified. In the meantime, we have established even greater quality-control measures to make sure Hangar 24 product consistency will be even better moving forward.”

The product in question would have been purchased between Sept. 10 and Oct. 9 and the brewery said they are committed to replacing any and all Betty IPA that has sour flavors. Due to California law proof of purchase — either a receipt or non-consumed product— is required for replacement.

“We apologize if you had a recent experience that did not meet expectations,” they said to consumers. “We are committed to meeting not only your high standard every day, but ours as well, in order to always make the Hangar 24 experience an enjoyable one.”

It echos the sentiments of previous voluntary recalls done by other craft brewers, including Left Hand, Revolution, Alltech Lexington, Real Ale and Sierra Nevada.

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