Preparing Your Brewery’s Portfolio for 2019

​Sometimes, setting up the following year’s portfolio for your brewery takes guts.

​”We go a lot of gut feelings around here,” said Erin Grey Kemplin, Ecliptic Brewing‘s Sales Manager. “We are all very active in the beer community and listen to what our peers and also our fans are saying (and asking for).

“Collecting information like this often steers what we will brew next. But I also do also pay attention to sales trends and track what is happening with our beers every week.”

The Portland, Oregon brewery announced this week it’s 2019 lineup, which included some changes.

Ecliptic has added an additional option to their seasonal series line up, bringing their total to five rotations this year. They are starting the year with three new seasonal beers back to back as well with Luna Kölsch, Flamingo Planet Guava Blonde Ale and Tucana Tangerine Sour Ale. Fan favorites, Quasar Pale Ale and Filament Winter IPA, are expected to return for the second half of 2019.

The newly created Limited Release series will feature beers produced in intermittent runs throughout the year. Phaser Hazy IPA, which returned in late 2018, has transitioned to this series, along with Altair Fresh Hop Pale Ale and Astra Fresh Hop Lager.

In celebration of their Fifth Orbit Anniversary, Ecliptic will be releasing “Five Beers for Five Years,” in their Cosmic Collaboration series. Owner and Brewmaster John Harris​ will be reuniting with friends in the beer industry, both old and new, to brew collaboration beers for this milestone. In addition, the beers planned for the Special Release series will explore some new styles and flavors. Beer with herbs, experimental hops, and a special Sixth Orbit beer are a few of the things to look forward to. Favorites like Oort Imperial Stout and Orange Giant Barleywine will reappear in 2019.

“I am very excited about the direction we are taking with our line-up,” ​Harris ​said in a release​. “We are continuing to push the creative boundaries and have some fun, innovative beers heading to the market.”

​Kemplin said that the brewery has transitioned all of ​their 22​ ounce​ packaging to 500ml (Carina Peach Sour Ale, Orbiter IPA, and Capella Porter).

​”​We also now have Starburst IPA available in draft year-round​,” she said​. ​”​We previously only released this in limited quantities for draft. ​Since we have opened in 2013 our “All the Time” series has completely changed. It has evolved several times over the last five years.

​”​A change is needed when we see slowed sales and/or we see new trends in beer begin to stick.​”​

For new seasonals, ​Kemplin said they listen to fans and watch trends in the market. Then ​they try to incorporate this into new options that still feel true to Ecliptic.

​”Some our new seasonals are one-offs we have brewed for special events or festivals that did well​,” she said. “Others are brand new concepts we brew in test batches until we are happy with them. Then they release to the public for the first time.​”​

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