How Previous Setbacks Set Up These Breweries for Success

​The Fourth Quarter of your brewery’s calendar means setting goals for the following year​. Last year around this time, many breweries set certain goals for 2019, yet might not have attained those expectations as we head into 2020. Here’s what they had looked to do and how they adapted in the market.

“​It is most important to plan goals that are achievable and measurable and align your marketing messaging to those goals,” said Cheboygan Brewing‘s Nick Beard. He also added to make sure to communicate goals effectively to the whole team.

“Everyone has to be on board to succeed, and that is how we continue to grow each year,” he said. “We keep it simple and focus on our core values and our mission. We are here to make and educate people on great beer, and we believe if we continue to stay true to that, success will follow.”

Beard added that although they haven’t really missed goals ​the brewery has missed some opportunities to expand ​its presence and product line into the market.

​Canning seasonal brands ​just began this year​, which left them at a disadvantage​.

​”​This is due​ in large part to our lower capacity in previous years. However, it is something we sacrificed to make sure we stayed on course with our expansion plans​,” he said​​.

Keith Lewis,​ the founder, and ​president of TUPPS Brewery ​said he feels fortunate to have achieved the majority of ​the ​brewery’s 2019 ​goals.

​”​It did take a little longer than planned to finalize our third brewery expansion, but with this behind us, we will be able to achieve our 2019 second half and 2020 plans​,” he said.​

A complete focus on ​Santa Monica Brew Works’ home territory of Southern California caused ​CEO Scott Francis to delay the expansion of ​the brand into other territories despite the demand.

​”We just expanded into Nevada and have our sights on several other ​states in 2020​,” he said.​

​Collin Castore and Colin Vent of Seventh Son noted that the Columbus, Ohio brewery ​is again going to focus on growing ​its​ wholesale by 50% and keep ​the thought process open to the idea of another taproom.

​”​We are slowly learning how to communicate with our wholesaler better and have opened up some new self-distribution markets as well​,” they said.​

TUPPS Brewery photo courtesy Landon Schneider

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