Warped Wing to Release new Core, Hydro Haze Pale Ale based on ‘Test Flight’ customer tasting program

On Thursday, March 5, Warped Wing Brewing Co. will be offering both draught and 6 pack 12oz cans of Hydro Haze Pale Ale in the Taproom. The Pale Ale carries delicious, juicy, and tropical citrus/pineapple notes. The beer will be released to retail partners Tuesday, March 10.

“We have been working on this formula for some time,” said Nick Bowman, VP/Sales & Marketing and Managing Partner at Warped Wing. “This has been a missing puzzle piece within our portfolio of core beers. It’s something we did not want to rush out to market until we new it would be special. Last summer we launched a “Test Flight” program reaching out to our customers, urging them to taste test several Pale Ales and IPAs.

“Having our customers as part of the final result of the product was very rewarding for us. We used that feedback to create and perfect this beer. John Haggerty and his brew team delivered and we are extremely proud to share Hydro Haze with our Ohio friends,” Bowman said.

“There’s a much deeper historic piece to the brand,” said Tara Michel, Marketing Manager at Warped Wing. “I started digging into some Ohio history around flood management and found out that a major water/dam control system was developed right here back in 1913. The design was based on controlling flooding in our river systems. It’s a technology that is still used today around the world. The name for the beer seemed like a natural. Especially given the fact that water is the most important natural resource in our brewing operation. And Dayton presides upon one of the finest water aquifer systems in the world.”

Copy on the can reads:

The water came crashing over the banks as the smoke rose from the valley below. Hydro Haze. A tsunami of juicy tropical citrus and pineapple, balanced with a whirlpool of creamy hop goodness. Pop a top and break the dam. The haze awaits.

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