Pickle is Back for Urban Artifact

Pickle is back and will be available everywhere Urban Artifact beer is sold starting June 22. Pickle is a Gose-style beer brewed with 1,000 pounds of cucumber, nine pounds of sea salt, two pounds of fresh dill, and a pound of coriander per 30 bbl batch. The flavor of Pickle is, well, unmistakably pickle-y. It’s that same flavor you get from popping the top on a fresh jar of dill pickles and enjoying every crunchy moment of that fresh pickle flavor.

We know that the idea of a pickle beer is a strange concept to some, and it is most definitely not for everyone. But for the pickle enthusiasts out there, this beer will scratch that same pickle itch. Don’t take it from us though, here are some customer reviews of our one-of-a-kind Pickle Gose.

“Fucking pickle beer. Superb” — Ash G. via Untappd

“Oddly good. There’s no doubt about the pickle. I kept thinking “eh it’s weird” but then I kept drinking it.” — Michele C. via Untappd

“Considering I don’t like pickles this wasn’t bad” — Brian K. via Untappd

“Well it’s interesting.” — Seth D. via Untappd

“Is it really that good?” asks Kevin Risner from porchdrinking.com. “Yes, it is indeed a tasty beer! If one expected to dive into a pool of sourness, even without the name, they would not be disappointed with what they get. It is sour. But, my goodness, it’s such a thirst-quencher in the sultry, suffocating humidity of midsummer!”

Pickle will be released throughout Urban Artifact’s distribution network starting June 22, and the Urban Artifact online store June 26. We are also pleased to announce the return of Spicy Pickle and some special small batch variants in a brand new mixed Pickle Pack of 4-16oz cans featuring three new pickle variants: Spicy Pickle, Extra Spicy Pickle, Chicago Relish, and Bread & Butter.

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