Baxter Heralds Return of Innuendo

The Dude returns! Baxter Brewing Company has announced the return of Innuendo White Russian Stout to their Limited Release series this October. Originally released in 2018, Innuendo has become a regional fan favorite due in part to its golden color, strong ABV, and notable can art. Brewed with cacao, lactose, and cold brewed coffee, Innuendo was made to offer imbibers an easy-sipping stout that merges copious amounts of malt with robust chocolate flavor.

“This is a beer made to highlight the very best of a great day spent on the mountain, a beer that gives life to our love for our favorite beverages with our favorite friends,” says President of Baxter Brewing, Jenn Lever. “The best part is that it is a favorite of our Baxter family and our fans!”

Noted for its golden hue, Innuendo get its distinct appearance from the absence of kilned or roasted malts, and the addition of lactose in the boil. Clocking in at a hefty 9.5% ABV, the presence of cacao and cold brewed coffee roll off the beer’s heat, and leave a remarkable similarity to a certain cult film protagonist’s favorite cocktail.

“Innuendo was a spur of the moment project at the suggestion of Jenn [Lever],” says Head Brewer, Justin Blouin. “[It was] a conversation that started with ‘Do you think you can,’ and ended with ‘White Russian inspired beer.’”

“Innuendo is not like any other beer I have brewed before,” adds Baxter Brewing Quality Director, Merritt Waldron. “Finding ways to incorporate chocolate and coffee flavors in a light colored beer presented a unique and fun challenge for the team. The result is as exciting as hitting that 7-10 split!”

Available in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans, Innuendo will be released on October 7 across Baxter Brewing’s distribution footprint.

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