Wynkoop Releases Vegan Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout to Celebrate Return of Day of Darks Beer Festival

Wynkoop Brewing Company (18th Street, Denver, CO 80202) is bringing back its most popular beer festival, Day of the Darks on Black Friday, November 26 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. benefitting Movember.

The dark beer festival in its ninth year had a short hiatus in 2020 but this year it’s back with a special release – a vegan edition of its cult favorite brew, Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout.  

“This beer is everyone’s favorite ballsy stout minus the balls,” said Todd Bellmyer, Wynkoop’s head brewer. “It’s kind of a bummer when someone cannot try your beer, so this is a chance to share the stout with everyone and a chance to brew with another unique kind of nut in the mash tun.” 

Brewed with 50 pounds of dried, roasted chestnut chips, these vegan nuts add a roasted sweetness and help accentuate the deep flavors of chocolate, coffee and specialty malts. This stout comes in at 9% ABV and is smooth, delicious and no bull.  

Vegan Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout will be released during Day of Darks when more than 20 breweries will take over Wynkoop’s Pool Hall on the second floor for a day of foam ‘staches and rich, dark malty brews.

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