What Pelican Hopes to Gain from New Digital Strategy

Brewery marketing departments across the US have to update social media pages frequently to target and appeal to a wider and younger audience. They advertise their breweries on social media, digital ads, magazine ads, and others.

One brewery has decided to take it a step further and advertise with a commercial on Hulu.

Pelican Brewing’s lighthearted, beach commercial, featuring the Oregon Coast and the brewery’s slogan “Born at the Beach,” was made for Hulu strategically.

“This spot was created with the intention of using on Hulu, but also will be utilized on social, digital ads, our website, and more in the future,” said Pelican’s Brand Manager, Briana Romancier. 

She added, “We picked Hulu first and foremost because it reaches a younger, engaged audience, has a great rotation of local and national ad spots, has tools to allow personalized targeting, and is a clutter-free, premium experience for our customers.”

The 30-second advertisement was made in mind with targeting beer-drinking consumers aged 25-49 in the Oregon metro areas. It started running in June and will continue through August.

The Pelican Brewing team came up with the idea, and planned the commercial scene by scene to illustrate the coastal lifestyle the team lives.

“The ‘Shaped by the Beach’ spot was created to bring the brand to life and allow our existing customers a glimpse into the day in the life of Pelican Brewing Company,” Romancier said.

Romancier said two videographers and an art director coordinated the shots with schedules for the participants, and each scene is filmed in Pacific City, the birthplace of Pelican Brewing.

“The story starts with the beautifully rugged Oregon Coast, showcasing the dory boats in Pacific City, then introduces how our brewers and employees our inspired each day by our home at the beach,” Romancier said. “You then see a sprinkle of our real customers and a glimpse into how our beer sparks adventure each day.”

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