Partnerships That Help Keep a Tap Handle Pouring

One of the hardest aspects for a brewery in keg sales can be keeping a tap handle on at an on-premise location for more than one keg.

A way that RJ Rockers is solving this dilemma is by working with area restaurants to create a house beer that reflects the feel of the establishment. The Spartansburg, South Carolina brewery has worked with places in the area many times to help craft a beer specifically for those establishments.

“It’s a way to keep a tap handle on,” explained co-owner John Bauknight. “Other restaurants are spinning tap handles one after another. This helps secure a tap for you.”

Working with Tupelo Honey Cafe was the first significant partnership that RJ Rockers did.

Tupelo Honey’s house beer served in multiple locations is a Honey Rye that the brewery makes and it is shipped all over the Southeast.

Locally, RJ Rockers worked with Willy Taco, a Mexican fusion restaurant, to create an Agave Amber Ale.

“We brought their team in and actually helped them craft the beer,” Bauknight said.” They use agave with a lot of mixed drinks as well, so this worked well for their concept. They were on board with that.”

RJ Rockers also has partnered with The Palmetto Conservation Foundation to create the Palmetto Trail Ale. Sales of the Pale Ale directly benefit The Palmetto Conservation Foundation’s “Finish the Trail” campaign.

“We have a trail system in South Carolina that’s from down near Charleston all the way to Walhalla in the Blue Ridge Mountains, for 384-mile trail system,” Bauknight said. “They came to us and said, we’d love for you to make a beer for the trail.”

RJ Rockers donates 25 cents for every case equivalent sold of the beer as the goal is to eventually have 500 miles total of trails.

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