Palmer Canning Systems Enters into Agreement with WaveGrip

Palmer Canning Systems has entered into an agreement with WaveGrip poly can carriers for North American distribution and licensed manufacturer of automated carrier application systems.  The low cost dependable and sustainable way to 2-4-6-8 pack aluminum beverage cans. The polymer carrier with universal pitch can be applied with manual system up to 50 CPM and automated systems from 100-300 CPM. The systems are USA Made in our Lafayette facility.

Some new canning line product features for 2017 include:

-CraftBulk™ De-pal now removes top frame automatically

-CraftBulk™ De-pal has optional tier sheet and top frame collection elevator

-CraftRinse™ Empty Can Rinse is now standard waterless ionized rinsing

-CraftBloc™ Beer inlet valve is upgraded from butter fly to control valve

-CraftBloc™ Bowl level control is upgraded from float valve to IFM level sensor

-CraftBloc™ New high performance filling valves for better fill level control and pre-purging to atmosphere

-CraftBloc™ Monobloc cabinet is now enclosed for less micro and less O2 exposure

-CraftBloc™ Seamer is now nearly 100% stainless in product contact areas

-CraftBloc™ Auto lubrication options

-CraftBloc™ Rotary CIP valve standard on all systems

-Post Fill Rinse is now inside of Monobloc cabinet for cleaner space

-Conveyors are now hygienic design with cleaning slots

-Nord conveyor drives now standard

-UL listed electrical panels built in house

-Enhanced programming features and systems control


Palmer Canning Systems installed its first canning line in June 2013 and since that time has strived to continuously improve the quality and reliability of our equipment. Today we now have over 45 canning lines installed and we still continue to improve our equipment with every new line. Our CraftBloc™ can filling and seaming systems are qualified as “Assembled in the USA” per USA Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines. Our CraftBulk™ de-pal, CraftRinse™ twist rinse, CraftDry™ can blower, and conveyance is all FTC qualified “Made in the USA”. Since our start we have increased our manufacturing space and number of employees to meet the demand. Today, we have over 22 employees and 10,000 square feet of manufacturing and assembly space. In 2016 we added systems automation department with electrical panel design and build, plus in-house PLC programming. We setup stainless steel structural and sanitary welding capabilities in house. Also, we increased our in-house CNC machining operation capabilities by adding new equipment and machinists. The parent company of PCS, Palmer-Tech Services, Inc. celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016.

Our goals for 2017 is to work with customers on new improvements and features that will continue to improve the performance of our canning line. This year will look to increase our manufacturing space and add quality and manufacturing tools to further improve our in-house capabilities.

Any questions or queries can be made to:

Palmer Canning Systems

Corporate Office

3759 N Ravenswood Ave.

Suite 233

Chicago, IL 60613

[email protected]

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