Opening Doors for Charity Efforts Help Create Community, Consumers

Since beer has been said to be a social lubricant, many breweries enhance that by pointing the talk to causes that they feel are worth being catered toward. Bringing awareness to charity and causes can also help a brewery connect with its community while also cementing itself to a clientele that doesn’t just see the good deeds, but also the good products being churned out.

In Fort Worth, Texas, Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. saw the potential for connecting with the consumer base and being a pillar in the community three years after opening in 2004.

Now heading into a celebration of 12 years as a brand, the brewery’s co-founder and president, Erin Rahr explained to Brewer Magazine that for her, charity work is all about bringing awareness to a cause.

“Breweries are gathering places for communities,” she said. “I feel like we have the ability to reach a large demographic of people that all come together for the love of beer. With this, we all support each other and look out for one another.”


Rahr holds the Oktoberfest 5K every year to raise money for the community. Last year, the brewery gave $12,000 to the Fort Worth Police Officers Award Foundation, raising the overall total to more than $50,000 overall through the years of the event.

Rahr also holds Art for A Cause every December and raises money during a local market for a specific charity during Christmas time. Rahr BBQ and Sonny and Friends is an event that it also does to raise money for Autism in the spring.

“We were happy to bring in $40,000 this year for the Hope Center for Autism,” Rahr noted.

Rahr & Sons will also be hosting Boobieque in October to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

“Breast cancer is a cause that is close to my heart after losing a friend to triple negative breast cancer and having another close friend recently diagnosed,” Rahr added.

Rahr & Sons has also entrenched itself in the local community by providing opportunities for hundreds of nonprofits to fundraise at bi-weekly tasting events.

“This gives 800-1,000 people an opportunity to learn about resources in our community,” Rahr said, adding that the brewery provides the charities a $150 donation just for coming in and setting up.

Rahr said that a brewery can help itself by being a good steward and offering beer at charity functions, having its taproom available for event space and other such offerings. It can help strengthen a bond with the community and it’s craft-drinking consumers.

“More people are aware of craft beer and the craft culture everyday,” she said. “Each brewery is unique in their culture and provides a special place within the community. I think the millennial generation is very aware of where their products come from and who they support.”

It’s that kind of support that is helping the brewery celebrate 12 years this fall as Rahr & Sons will release a commemorative beer in November during its 12th anniversary party.

The beer, Zwölfjahre, which means 12 years in German, is an American Wheatwine aged for 12 weeks in Cabernet wine barrels with cherries. It is produced with a blend of German and American yeast and features a significant amount of wheat with hints of citrus hops. It will be available in 22-ounce bottles and on tap around Dallas-Fort Worth.

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