​One-offs Could Have Extended Life in Shiner’s Unique Series​

Shiner Beer‘s Barrel-Aged Doppelbock release this summer kicked off a series of ​five ​unique brands from the exclusive Brewers Pride line for 2022.

​”As the name suggests, the inspiration for our Brewer’s Pride series all comes from our brewing team,” the brewery told Brewer Mag. “This is their chance to have some fun, try some new things, and brew some new styles.”

All of the releases for this year are new recipes for the Texas-based company and they tell Brewer they have been working with new ingredients that they have never worked with before, like Hatch chiles, brown sugar, and peppermint for upcoming releases.

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When it comes to marketing the brands, Shiner said all the beers have been designed for people “who love beer and want to try new things.”

With this air of experimentation, Shiner believes that some of these could become annual releases but many of them may only ever be brewed this one time.

“So once it’s gone, it’s gone,” they said. “Fortunately, we’ll have something else new the next time around, so even if [consumers] miss one of the releases, we’ll keep on coming up with more new, unique brews.”

The latest release was announced on August 28, a Chile Imperial IPA. The Barrel-Aged Doppelbock release was made in collaboration with Garrison Brothers Distillery, a renowned Texas-based distillery known for Texas Straight Bourbon. Barrel-Aged Doppelbock was made with Two-Row Premium, Copper, and Chocolate Malts, as well as Golding Hops, then aged in the ex-Port casks that were then used to create Garrison Brothers’ Guadalupe Bourbon.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with such a renowned Texas distillery for this special, limited-time brew. We hope to continue to raise the bar for our loyal Shiner fans with the one-of-a-kind offerings in our Brewer’s Pride line,” said Shiner Master Brewer, Jimmy Mauric, in a release from the company.

​The brewery said they were very fortunate to be able to work with a great partner like Garrison Brothers Distillery.

“They curate a selection of barrels and only send us freshly dumped ‘wet’ barrels that are ready to immediately fill with beer,” they said. “We perform a quick sensory check before filling and then monitor maturation closely to ensure we’re achieving consistent results across barrels.”

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