Offshoot Beer Coasts Into New Year with Innovative Hazy Pale Ale

The New Year brings a lot of excitement, fresh starts, resolutions, and most importantly: new beers. Offshoot Beer Co. is officially launching its first nationally-distributed hazy pale ale with Coast (An Anytime Hazy Pale Ale). Exploding with juicy, tropical notes, this sessionable 5.2% ABV Pale Ale is one you’ll be resolving to try.
If you’re coasting through your week, this hazy pale ale is for you. Bursting with juicy, fruity flavor thanks to generous dry hopping with Mosaic, Strata, Citra, and Cashmere, Coast is ultra sessionable any day of the week. 2-row and wheat malts lend a soft, light mouthfeel for this sessionable ale. Pairs perfectly with a warm day on the beach… or on the couch, we won’t judge.

Why a hazy pale ale? The style has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the past couple of years, the style is currently up 17% in dollar sales vs. LY [Nielson, Total US Food, L52W ending 12/4]. Brand Director Caitie Gold has high hopes for Coast, saying “This is the hazy the doctor ordered. Not only is it full-flavored and well-balanced, but at 5.2% it’s the perfect beer to reach for when you want a couple, whether you are on the beach, a mountain lake, or surfing the couch watching a football game.”

Coast began its journey on Offshoot’s 3 bbl pilot system and has been dialed in over the last year with The Bruery’s Tasting Room as its trial-ground. Stefan Weber, Production Manager for The Bruery and Offshoot, says “We’ve spent the last few years really dialing in our flagship IPA: Relax, to where we think it is close to perfect, and Coast was a fun opportunity to focus on something a little more crushable. We used the same yeast strain as Relax and Retreat that really lets the fruity and juicy hops shine. This beer is easy going with a lot of hop character from the Mosaic and Strata. As we ramp up production I’m excited to have this in my fridge for afternoons and weekends.”

Coast is now immediately available at The Bruery’s tasting rooms, via direct shipping from their own website to multiple states, and will be available in 16oz 4-packs across Offshoot’s distribution footprint in full force in February.

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