Jester King Brewery uses “Bière de Coupage” for Latest Release

Jester King Brewery is pleased to introduce 2016 Estival Dichotomous.

For this year’s Estival Dichotomous, the brewery added grapefruit and tangelo zest to some mature, barrel-aged sour beer. It then blended the barrel-aged sour beer with citrus zest with young fresh beer fermented in stainless steel. Finally, it refermented the blend of old and young beer with a small amount of marion blackberries.

“We’re fond of the technique of bière de coupage, which historically often involved blending young beer with old, sour beer,” the brewery said. “We like this technique because of the flavor profile of the blend, and because of the microbial impact the old beer has on the young. For the fruit addition, we used a relatively small ratio of fruit to beer, about half a pound of marion blackberries per gallon.”

At the time of packaging, Estival Dichotomous was 5.1 percent ABV, 3.9 pH, 1.000 specific gravity (0 degrees Plato), and 25 IBU. It was packaged in bottles, kegs, and casks on September 7, 2016 and has been naturally conditioning over the last two months.

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