Odell Releases Grapefruit White Ale

Odell Brewing announced the addition of Witkist Grapefruit White Ale to their year-round portfolio.

Witkist Grapefruit White is a modern take on a Belgian-style White Ale with bright aromas of citrus from pureed grapefruit, and a delicate spice from dried orange peel and coriander.

As a hop-forward brewery with a love for IPAs, Odell Brewing wanted to round out their portfolio by offering a bright, refreshing White Ale that explores a new flavor profile driven by complex fermentation.

“American craft beer is all about bending the rules. While we enjoy a classic Belgian Wit, we thought about how we’d share our take on style,” explains COO, Brendan McGivney. “The addition of fresh grapefruit puree was exactly what we were looking for. The tart grapefruit perfectly compliments the sweet esters of Belgian yeast.”

Whitkist Grapefruit White debuts a year after the successful release of Sippin’ Pretty Fruited Sour.

“The response from Sippin Pretty has been incredible,” explains McGivney. “While we’ll always love experimenting with IPAs, Sippin’ Pretty showed us that the flavor profiles of beer are endless and by exploring them we’re inviting more fans into the craft beer community.”

Witkist Grapefruit White Ale comes in at 5% ABV and is available year round on draft and in 6-pack cans across Odell’s 19-state footprint.

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