Catawba Island Brews Ukrainian Beer & Hosts Fundraiser to Support Relief Efforts

Catawba Island Brewing Co. has announced that the company will soon be hosting a beer release and fundraising event to support relief efforts in Ukraine early April. 

“I’m excited to brew this beer and work with other people on trying to recreate something that someone else has done – and do it justice,” said the company’s head brewer, Justin Williams. 

After receiving inquiries from people all over the globe asking how they could aid in relief efforts, Pravda Beer Co., located in Lviv, Ukraine, provided open recipes and beer label designs for its award-winning beers, aptly named “The Victory Series”. They then invited brewers from around the world to brew the beers and donate the proceeds back to their Ukraine Relief Effort. 

Catawba Island Brewing Co. leapt at the opportunity to provide support and chose to brew Pravda Beer Co.’s dry-hopped golden ale titled Putin Huylo (which roughly translates from Ukrainian to English as “Putin, The Dickhead”). In honor of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Catawba Island Brewing Co. has decided to distribute this beer in both cans and kegs under the name Slava Ukraini, which means “Glory to Ukraine, and is how the president is known to conclude his speeches. 

“We’re excited to be part of this global beer brewing effort to help raise money for Ukraine to defend their country,” said Catawba Island Brewing Co.’s owner, Michael Roder.

The Slava Ukraini beer will be released at CIBC’s fundraising event, which will be held on Saturday, April 9th, at Catawba Island Brewing Co. from 12:00pm – 11:00pm. Profits from beer sales and fundraising activities will be sent to the Pravda Beer Co. Ukraine Relief Effort. 

Patrons can follow the Catawba Island Brewing Co.’s Facebook Page for more details as they are released. Wholesale inquiries can be directed to NWO Beverage (N.W. Ohio), Beverage Distributors (Greater Cleveland Area) and Premium Beverage (Central and Southern Ohio).

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