Are You Maximizing Your Online Reach?

Connecting with a consumer via an online platform can be vital to continuing your relationship past that first beer.

Having a memorable and simple online handle can be a key in extending that connection as well.

For some breweries, uniformity across all platforms seems to be the best way.

“Our online presence does have uniformity,” explained Ecliptic Marketing Manager Colette Becker. “You can find us everywhere with the same handle: @eclipticbrewing.

“It’s super helpful for branding and allows customers to find you easily and know that this is the one-and-only Ecliptic Brewing when you search online.”

Having the ability to be uniform across many platforms can be a challenge, unfortunately. Especially for breweries that may share a common word that may have been snatched up before the creation of an account.

“Sometimes a handle is already taken, and you have to pick something different,” Becker noted. “This can create either a mismatch between your handles or ultimately having to choose something different/longer than you would like to make them all uniform.”

It can be a hassle and not ideal, but uniformity seems to be the best option, even if that means a longer handle. Find what connects best and try to stick with it.

Marketing hashtags are important as well.

Hashtags are now part of branding, and Becker thinks this is especially true in the beer industry.

“We have a branded hashtag we use on almost every Instagram post, and it’s playful and fun. It’s part of our story,” she said.

Odell Brewing wants​ to put ​its fans on a podium said Odell Social Media Manager Kristen Wood.

​If your ​brewery gives​​ out swag, like hats and koozies, ​it ​should have a hashtag on them to generate user content. One such Odell-specific hashtag is #HowIDrumroll.

“When people take pictures, have them use the hashtag, and go and look for it and share it,” she said.

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