Logistics in Re-releasing a Beer Without Overcommitting

The beer was discontinued in 2016. Now, Double Jack from Firestone Walker Brewing Company is back for a limited time.

But there’s a little bit of a catch. Firestone Walker is being clever with the release of the Double IPA, in that the beer is only being offered in 12 packs with three other mainstay IPAs: Luponic Distortion No. 14, Union Jack and Easy Jack.

“Ever since we discontinued Double Jack, its most passionate fans have clamored for its return,” said PR Manager Sean Weir. “‘Bring back Double Jack’ is a refrain we hear often on social media. This was more about answering the call than something particularly strategic.”

The reason for releasing the beer this way was to get it out there without having to overcommit on production.

“Double Jack is still regarded as one of the West Coast’s iconic Double IPAs,” Weir said. “It had a passionate following — just not a big enough following to sustain it forever as an ongoing year-round release.”

As for the beers chosen to package alongside Double Jack, Easy Jack & Union Jack were  obvious choices. The rotating Luponic Distortion IPA series made sense as well, bringing together a package catered toward hop lovers.

“It’s also a good time of year to enjoy a big IPA like Double Jack,” Weir added, and it just felt like the right time to bring Double Jack back.

“Double Jack fans are still out there,” Weir said. “They’re kind enough to keep asking for it, we don’t take it for granted, and we are happy to finally oblige.”

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