Keeping Consumers Up To Date with Online Beer Menus

Now more than ever online information is vital to staying connected to your consumer in real-time. Many will hit up a brewery’s website or social media pages to see what’s available for purchase either for a curb-side pick up at the brewery or to see what packaged products are available at an off-premise retailer.

With an increase in crowler and growler sales from taprooms, Ecliptic says the tap list on its website can help quell many additional customer phone calls and social media pings of ‘What’s on tap?’

​”Our online restaurant tap list is very accurate, as our restaurant and marketing teams work together to keep it updated frequently,” said Marketing Manager Colette Becker. “Of course, we are a real, running brewery, and it does happen that we’ll run out of a popular beer on a busy Friday night … we’re only human!

“I guess that’s the fun of craft beer; you’ll have to try something new​.”

Taproom managers for Dust Bowl use the Untappd menu work in real-time from a laptop in the taproom.

“Once all the beers are loaded in the system, it’s quite efficient,” explained ​Michelle Peterson, Marketing and Public Relations Manager. “Because it generates the digital beer menus in the taprooms, it’s not a task that gets overlooked.”

Dust Bowl utilizes Untappd’s business account to create a tap list menu for each of the brewery’s taproom locations

“The Untappd menu also ties into our website for each taproom location, letting ​guests know exactly what we have on tap in real-time,” Peterson said. The brewery also can update its online crowler and growler menu, so consumers only have access to order beer to-go from the available tap list unique to each location.

Although used at one time, a ‘Beer Finder’ has been moved away from to help consumers locate product at off-premise locations. Peterson said that not every wholesaler Dust Bowl worked with used the same reporting software, so data was often incomplete or out of date. Instead, Dust Bowl has gone back to simply looking at its own backend data to assist consumers when they contact the brewery.

Photo Courtesy Dust Bowl Brewing

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