Dust Bowl Releases Supine Mega IPA as 1st Specialty of 2020

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. announces the release of Supine Mega India Pale Ale, its first new specialty package in 2020. Sold in pint cans and draft, Supine is available in on- and off-premise accounts throughout California and parts of Nevada, and at all Dust Bowl Brewing Co. taprooms in Turlock and Monterey, California.

Brewmaster Don Oliver shares his thoughts on this aggressively hopped beer: “We brew a lot of big beers at Dust
Bowl. Supine Mega IPA follows in the footsteps of Dump Truck of the Gods Mega IPA, but we push the beer further with a 14.4% alcohol content and a bigger hop load (85 IBU) featuring Apollo, Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic hops.”

Champagne yeast helps bring this massive IPA into the Mega category. Citrus and tropical notes fade to the background behind big notes of stone fruit.

The big beer also makes a bold statement on store shelves featuring an eye-catching blue and orange combo with tigers who are looking a little supine themselves. The design comes from Dust Bowl’s long-time agency, Blind Tiger Design from Seattle, WA. The label carries out the new specialty template that was introduced in 2019 upon the brewery’s 10 year anniversary.

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. is on track to reach Regional Craft Brewery status in 2020. The company has a solid line-up of new specialties and year-round additions to its growing portfolio. Dust Bowl beer is currently available throughout Northern California, most of Southern California, Nevada and Oklahoma with plans underway for additional U.S. distribution and more satellite taprooms.

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