Flying Dog Welcomes Brewhouse Rarities Fan Favorites into Annual Lineup of Seasonal Releases

To kick off the brewery’s 2021 offerings, Flying Dog today announced the return of two extremely popular Brewhouse Rarity releases – Orange Crush and Cookies and Cream. These two employee-driven creations have been officially welcomed into Flying Dog’s annual lineup, now as seasonal releases with new names and new packaging, complete with Ralph Steadman artwork. Orange Crush will return this Friday, January 8 as In God We Crush, and Cookies and Cream will be released the same day under the new name, Cream Team.

Inspired by the Maryland Shore’s most beloved beach cocktail, the Orange Crush, In God We Crush hits you with a wave of bright orange, then carries you off to sea with a citrusy, sweet finish. This boozy beer mimics the dominant flavors and aroma of the cocktail, giving this beer a balance of tartness and sweetness that lets the citrus shine through.

Originally released in June 2020, this 6% Blonde Ale makes brewery history for containing the most citrus ever added to a Flying Dog beer. Flying Dog brewers incorporated four different citrus products and three different citrus varieties, all at different points in the process, giving In God We Crush a nice, rounded citrus profile.

“Crafting unique, well-balanced beers like In God We Crush and Cream Team is a testament to the badass group of brewers we have here at Flying Dog,” said Ben Clark, Brewmaster at Flying Dog Brewery. “This group of experts works tirelessly to find the right balance of special ingredients to produce interesting, extremely drinkable and innovative flavors you won’t find anywhere else.”

Cream Team Milk Stout was an immediate hit with consumers. Created as an ode to that last swig of milk after you’ve dunked cookies in it, Cream Team is bursting with delicious cookies and cream ice cream flavors.

Standing tall and dark with a tan frothy head, this beer looks as good as it tastes. In addition to Northern Brewer hops, Cream Team is brewed with real chocolate and additional lactose giving this 9.5% ABV stout a smooth and velvety finish, reminding you that you’re an adult, and you can have cookies anytime you want!

Both In God We Crush and Cream Team will begin shipping to distributors this Friday, January 8, 2021 in 6-packs of 12oz bottles. Customers are encouraged to visit the brewery’s Beer Finder to locate the closest retailers near them:

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