Ithaca Beer Releases Easy Drinking Lakeside Lager

Ithaca Beer Company is releasing Lakeside Lager, an easy drinking beer made for an easy living lifestyle. The brand will initially launch on May 2 in Central New York.

A refreshing and crisp Pilsner-style beer, Lakeside Lager offers the perfect balance of flavor, mouthfeel and finish. Light golden in color, Lakeside Lager features a subtle sweetness and a restrained hop character that lends a gentle floral quality and clean, smooth finish. With an affordable price point and an easy drinking profile, Lakeside Lager appeals to both domestic category drinkers seeking more flavor as well as hard core craft drinkers looking for an alternative to heavily hopped IPAs.

Recognizing the increased demand for flavorful lighter lagers, Ithaca Beer will release Lakeside Lager in competitively priced 16 oz. can 8-packs, a unique and uncommon but convenient consumer package. Ithaca Beer has been recognized for innovation with the 16 oz. canned 8-pack with recent releases of its Box of Hops and Box of Sours variety pack series.

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