Lake Crusher Mixed Berry Kölsch-Style Ale Rounds Out Summit’s Crusher Combo Pack

Spring is here, and Summit Brewing Co. is already looking forward to Summer with the introduction of the new Lake Crusher Mixed Berry to extend the summer seasonal brand and round out the Crusher Series Combo Pack.  

The new Lake Crusher Mixed Berry extends Summit’s Crusher Series of Kölsch Style Ales that currently tickle your tastebuds with Cabin Crusher with Lime, Cabin Crusher with Lemon and Lake Crusher Tangerine.  

The popular summer brew, Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime came to the scene in 2019 and has been a summer time staple ever since. Building on the success of Cabin Crusher with Lime Summit introduced Cabin Crusher with Lemon, Lake Crusher with Tangerine and now Lake Crusher Mixed Berry. Each beer in the Crusher Series is brewed in the traditional Kölsch style, a light ale featuring aromas of honey and biscuit. A combination of Lemon Drop and Loral hops with the addition of fruit create beer that welcomes warmer weather. Its effervescent mouthfeel and smooth finish make it a highly easy-drinking ale. Perfect for hot summer days on land or lakes in cabin country, it’s brewed to be crushable.  

“The Crusher Series is a great opportunity for us to experiment with flavors that are both complimenting to and enhanced by this crisp, refreshing Kölsch style ale. Mixed Berry was a natural next variety, continuing to offer a beer first experience with a subtle berry finish.”, said Damian McConn, Chief Brewing Officer. “It’s an easy beer to enjoy during those sunny summer days when the only place you want to be is outside with a cold beer in hand.” 

Not only will Lake Crusher Mixed Berry be available in 12-packs of 12oz cans, but you can get all four of Summit’s Crusher Series varieties in this year’s Crusher Combo Pack beginning May 2023. The Crusher Pack will include three of each of the Crusher Series beers – Cabin Crusher with Lime, Cabin Crusher with Lemon, Lake Crusher Tangerine and Lake Crusher Mixed Berry. 

Director of Sales, Brandon Bland is excited about the new Lake Crusher Mixed Berry because, “Lake Crusher Mixed Berry lets us offer a refreshing mixed pack for the summer and extends Summit’s offering in the craft brewing landscape. The Crusher Series itself allows us to keep the traditional brewing methods our business was established on and explore new flavors to connect with consumers looking for something refreshing.”  

Lake Crusher Mixed Berry Kölsch-Style Ale is available now in 12-packs of 12oz cans and as part of the Crusher Series Combo Pack in stores May 2023. All four of the Crusher Series varieties will also be available on draft exclusively at Summit’s Ratskeller located at 910 Montreal Circle in St. Paul, MN. Find Summit products near you using our online beer finder:

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